I had a dream that I was having buttsex with Sunny

and her tailbone stabbed me cause she has no ass and I bled to death.


What is plastic made of?

plastic is made of:

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)

High impact polystyrene (HIPS)

Phenolics (PF) or (phenol formaldehydes)

Polycarbonate (PC) plastic #7

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) #9

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

Urea-formaldehyde (UF)


Davichi were ring girls for MMA fight?

Yesterday, I was watching some MMA fights and I watched this girl fight in Singapore. At the end of the fight, i noticed 2 girls that looked familiar. They were tall and gorgeous. Then I realized that they look like Davichi.

Same hair style, same face, shoulders, long legs, height, etc. everything!

Look at the actual photo of KKM then look at the ring girl above. As you can see, they have similar hairstyle. Left side of her face is covered with left hair. Right side of hair is pulled behind her right ear. Same facial bone structure.

In the photo below, notice how she does her hair. Also notice the nose. She also have a bracelet on her right wrist. Lee haeri likes to wear bracelets on her right wrist.


SNSD deserves to be black oceaned more

Because sones are full of it. They think they own the show or something. Even though there wasn’t a black ocean in Vietnam like some sones here claim, sones are attacking v-sones and their country because of a photo. IMO SNSD needs to be black oceaned more. They didn’t bring the boys out. They had the worse performance in Vietnam out of all the groups that performed. Even HyunA had a better performance than SNSD. Even the rookies did better.

What’s so great about SNSD? All they do is perform the same shit over and over. It gets old. Why do we need to waste 10,000 pink light sticks on SNSD who are recycling their 2-5 songs over and over again. I don’t understand why there are so many sones in the world who get excited about a song they probably heard 100000 times or watched performances on YT 10000 times already. Mr. Taxi, The Boys and Genie are like the most played out songs. Yet these sones insist that there needs to be a pink ocean at every performance they have even when there are a lot of other good kpop bands performing and a lot of other fan clubs in the crowd. You don’t see T-ara fans complaining or DBSK fans complaining because everyone isn’t holding their color light stick. You don’t see them make up stories to hate on their own fanclub because of it.


Dasom looks like a penis

I love her but why does her neck and face resemble a boner?


The Daesung cover up

Okay for all u stupid ass fan girls saying he only ran over a dead body and it was an accident he dont’ deserve to be scolded. Hear me out! What the fuck are the chances of hitting a dead person on the street at night? What are the possibilities of that happening? If you ever take calculus or algebra, you would know that shit is low. Like 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% chance of happening. Now what are the chances that he hit a person who was alive?

Probably 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% chance. So why is it that you fan girls especially the ones who are big VIPs think that Daesung is the one who suffered enough? Wow, he went to church every Sunday, he suffered enough. SHIT! Most families go to church every Sunday. What about the family of the man he most likely killed? You guys probably don’t even know the victim’s name. He’s a nobody to you delusional fans cause all you care about is the well being of your fucking bias. 

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So there’s this new kpop group called Royal-T

Who’s really excited about Royal-t’s debut? I was… until I found out one of the members was someone who kicked me out of tinychat for no reason and her reply was “I did it because I’m prettier than you”. Her name is Ra__________.

I’m not gonna mention her full name but you probably know who it is now. So for her birthday on AKP, I made a happy birthday thread with good intentions and told her that her gift from me is that I would unignore her on the AKP forums from now on. Which was a bad idea. Before her bday, I had her on ignore for about 3 months or so because we got in an argument where she kicked me out of tinychat for no reason and when I asked her why she said “Because I’m prettier than you”.

Now if this kpop group was actually signed by a real company…she would get kicked out her group for having that attitude. This news would go global and she would be in the shoes of T-ara. But since we are talking small time, she gets to stay.

I don’t understand what her problem is but she likes to cry to the mods and get me  banned. I think it satisfies

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Big Bang ARE monsters, stop defending them!

You know that song where they sing “I’m not a monster”….Well you know what? G-dragon, Taeyang, TOP, Seungri and especially Daesung. You are a monster.

Smoking marijuana, having sex with Japanese hookers, promoting animal skin fashion (G-dragon wears tiger skin in One of a Kind), running over a dead body with your car (you’re suppose to drive around him or call an ambulance), having bright green hair….only monsters are like that. There is no point defending your idols. Ya’ll are so delusional that you don’t see who you are defending. Monsters. Sex fiends. Druggies. Over killers. Gangster wannabes. Alcoholics. You think someone who drives over a dead body is normal? You think someone with bright green hair or spaghetti hair is normal? You think someone who smokes marijuana is normal? You think someone who wears tiger skin while playing with a baby tiger is normal?

Youre all going to hell for defending Big Bang.

SIDE NOTE: IU is an angel compared to Big Bang. Stop harassing her.